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This page is dedicated to giving straightforward answers to the questions I typically get from clients. If you don't see your question here, feel free to contact me and I will happily get back to you as soon as possible ! 

Why Invest in Photography?

Life's milestones need to be treasured. There is no better way to celebrate life  than to capture  memories and moments in a photograph. Whether it is  a major event, or having a precious reminder of life as-it-is right now, professional photography produces cherished images that last a lifetime.  

It is a simple equation,  professional photographers take professional photographs. It takes thousands of hours to become an expert- when you hire a professional photographer you are investing in already developed skills and expertise. This includes mastery of professional equipment and editing software. 

 My goal for all photography sessions is to bring out the best in each subject and give you a candid photo that will serve as a permanent feature on your walls for years to come.There is an old saying: "A picture is worth 1000 words"....make sure those words are beautiful, high-quality and sincere.  Do not under-estimate the value and worth of having your photos done properly and well. 

To find out more about my philosophy and passion for photography- click here

What should I wear?

The most common question I get pre-shoot is what-to-wear. I suggest coordinating (not matching) outfits. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing your outfit:

1) Choose a style (casual vs. dressy) and ensure everyone follows that theme.

2) "1 Pattern Rule" - pick a pattern item that you love- scarf or shirt and incorporate 1 (just 1) item into the ensemble (pick your colours based on this palette) This really pulls the photo together.

3) Pick 3 coordinating colours/neutrals. *Hint: choose colours that would look good in your home, since that is where you will most likely showcase your photos.

4) Details, layers and accessories- I can't emphasize this enough! This is the bread and butter of close up shots - plus it makes groups of 2 or 3 match, without needing everyone in the picture to pull the palette together. *Hint: accessories should never stand out, but rather compliment outfits; be sure to layer appropriately for the weather.

5) Make Mom happy - start with Mom's outfit and work from there.

See "What to Wear" examples below.  Feel free to bounce ideas off me if you need some feedback. 

  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo
  • Untitled photo

What does "professionally edited" mean?

During your photo session I will take hundreds of photos. Afterwards I whittle-down the selection to several dozen photos in a variety of poses and locations.  These photos are raw (also called "SOOC" - straight out of camera). I carefully evaluate each photo and use professional editing software to adjust and highlight the best assets of the photos (called "Post-Exposure Editing"). This might mean small changes like getting rid of a last minute oh-my-gosh-pimple or larger changes like enhancing the picture to give an artistic effect.  This step is one of my favourite in the entire process - it turns great photos to flawless "wall-worthy" works of art.  Here you can see the difference a professional touch makes: 

Untitled photo

This editing also applies to those lovely black and white photos too. Each photo must be appropriately edited and balanced prior to applying the monochromatic filter. Additional adjustments are also applied to make the exposure dramatic and appealing. Here is an example of "regular" and professional black and white editing: 

Untitled photo

What to Expect & other "Day-Of" tips....

What to Expect:

As a professional photographer, I have your best interest in mind. I really do want you to have the best possible photos !  I want you to have full transparency about the entire process. 

Step 1) Contact me to book a session! My sessions tend to book up fast.  For the best availability, be sure to contact me at least 2 months in advance (1 year for weddings).  Although, I am also open to last minute sessions ;)

Step 2) A few days before the session, I'll send you a reminder about the location, session details, and weather report (if we are planning to be outside).

Step 3) On the day of the session, I am probably more excited than you. Make sure you leave enough time to prepare accordingly and make sure everyone has eaten and used the washroom before the session begins.   Before the session begins, let me know if there are any special requests or restrictions.  Let me know if you are nervous about a certain aspect and we can make sure everyone is comfortable with the outcome. The full session payment is due on the date of the session (payable by EMT, Cash, Cheque or Credit Card). 

Step 4) Afterwards I will sift through all the shots from the session. I will professionally edit and retouch them and then post an online gallery. You will have full access to this gallery, which you will be able to share with your friends and family. From here you will   choose your favourites to receive in your choice of digital  media.  The turn around time for a gallery is approximately 3 weeks (2 months for weddings).  Of course, I can put a rush on it for special occasions, let me know. 

Other "Day-Of" tips:

● Be comfortable.

● Bring snacks (inevitably someone is always hungry) *Hint: I suggest cheerios- they are small enough to eat without looking like you are chomping and dissolve quickly.

● For little people - I suggest bringing a favourite toy or stuffy, hair brush and possibly a change of clothes.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me. Otherwise, I look forward to seeing you soon!

What should you do with your photos?

5 ways to love your photos right now:

● Desktop or smart phone background

● Order prints to fit your favourite frames

● Create a gift for an upcoming holiday or birthday 

● Order a stunning new centrepiece portrait for your fireplace, couch or bed frame

● Update your social media profile picture to showcase your favourite shot

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