About Me

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I am  an energetic and creative photographer specializing in Family portraiture.  I am available in Southern and Central Alberta, Southern Ontario, as well as Destination events. 


Hi, I'm Kat. I am a happy wife and busy Mom of three beautiful girls. Aside from the busyness of life, I am also happy to work two of my part-time passions.  My first passion is  Photography. I love to give people an opportunity to seize their most precious moments in life. To capture faces, and events, and feelings just as they are, in exchange for a now permanent moment in history.    Secondly,  I work part-time at the local hospital in the Department of Infection Control (with lots of letters behind my professional name, ,Msc., Bsc., PCP, and CIC - ask me about them sometime). 


My husband and I moved to Calgary just 3 short days after getting married - and that was over 10 years ago. Being an outdoor enthusiast, it was not surprising that the Rocky Mountains were my first favourite subject of photography. But after the arrival of my sweet children- I made the switch to portraiture.  Since then I have never looked back and my love for photography has continued to grow.  


I am passionate about photography, adventure, travel and, most of all, experiencing life and the beauty of family. At every session, I am thrilled to share in the joy of another happy life event. 


Since my love of photography began in nature, it is something I continue to foster. I love to shoot outdoors and allow the environment and natural lighting to add to the experience.  I always focus on creating a fun and relaxed atmosphere to capture the most genuine emotions and connections of my clients. I love the opportunity to use a tiny piece of machinery to capture big moments in time. 


My photography really began to mature in 2013 when I upgraded my equipment and enrolled in the Photography course at the University of Calgary. Since then I've had countless opportunities to  capture major life events and give people a tangible keepsake of their memories. 


Since founding this company, I have received rave reviews of my work and positive testimonials from past clients are continually rolling in. My competitive edge comes from my formal training, expertise in a variety of professional editing techniques and flexibility to cultivate and capture the moments important to you; The end result is a stunning gallery that speaks for itself. 

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